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Enchanting Craft Ideas for Preschoolers

Having Fun with These Back to School Craft Ideas


back to school crafts ideasFor preschoolers, going back to school is met with mixed emotions – some are happy about it because they will meet new friends, while others dread it. This is fairly common since preschoolers are still finding their way around and they are moving into a new environment. As a teacher, it is a great challenge to balance these two groups of kids and keep everybody excited by concocting exciting back to school craft ideas. These ideas should ideally keep them busy and make them look forward to the next day in class but, at the same time, these preschool Easter activities should not be complicated for the little ones.


Go Creative with these Preschool Easter Activities

When it comes to Easter, the things that will come to mind are Easter eggs and the Easter bunny;  some of the most common arts and crafts ideas during this time are based on these themes. Customary back to school craft ideas normally use these themes can sometimes be boring for kids and the challenge can be in finding new ways to make them exciting and ‘different’ to little pre-schoolers.

The Fun List: Your Back to School Craft Ideas


Here is a compilation of some enchanting preschool Easter activities.

  • Chocolate rabbit bunnies.

back to school crafts ideasThis is a fun and edible activity your pre-schoolers will surely enjoy. However be prepared in that you will do most of the dirty work as you will have to prepare and make these yummy back to school craft ideas ahead of time. What you need are chopped dark and milk white chocolate, the amount of which depends on how many kids you have in the class. You will also need rabbit moulds to make the rabbit chocolate. Place the chocolates in a heatproof bowl and place in a saucepan of simmering water to melt it. Once melted, pour it into the moulds and press them together. Pour some melted chocolate to seal them. You can also place little candies inside as a surprise.

The major contribution from the preschoolers for this preschool Easter activities is to bring paper bags, colored paper, crayons, glues, and yarn and let the children decorate the paper bag where they will put the chocolate rabbit inside. As a gift idea they can also decorate / write (with some of your help) the name of the person they want to give it to.

  • Bunny ears cap.

Another great back to school craft ideas that can be cheap and easy for little kids is the bunny ears headband. All you need for this craft are pink cardboard, cotton balls, pink pom poms, and glue. Begin by cutting a strip and a pair of rabbit-ear shapes – the number of strips and ears will depend on the number of students you have. After that, give the students some cotton balls and pink pom poms. Let the kids glue the cotton balls around the edges of the rabbit-ear shapes and the pink pom poms inside. Glue the ears on the strip of paper and staple both ends. Keep in mind that you might need some intervention for it to fit the head of the child when he or she wears it.


Back to School Craft Ideas:  Make Use of Old School Materials


  • Bunny envelopes.

back to school crafts ideasPreschool Easter activities like bunny envelopes are another back to school craft ideas that you may want to consider. With this one, you need envelopes, pink and white construction paper, black marker, pom poms, and glue. Cut out bunny ears from your white and pink construction paper and glue them on the envelope. Then draw eyes at the back of the envelope and glue the pom poms in the middle to serve as the nose. Then you can start a candy hunt where children can use their envelopes as mini loot bags. Just make sure you have hidden some candies in the classroom before the kids arrive in the morning.

  • Easter egg mosaic

Back to school craft ideas for these young minds should encourage creativity. For this one, you need different colored construction paper, felt paper, beads, and glue. Give each child some construction paper and let them cut the felt paper to be used for the mosaic. If you have beads and other alternative materials, you can use them instead of felt paper. Then let the kids draw an egg shape on their construction paper, put some glue inside the shape, and stick the cut materials to create a mosaic.


Where to Find Preschool Easter Activities


These are just some of the preschool Easter activities you can find but don’t forget to look for more ideas on the internet or from fellow teachers and friends. Let your imagination roll and surprise your students with any of these activities.

If you are looking for craft ideas for your kid, you might be interested in our other post on four fun Valentine’s day crafts for kids.

***Thanks to  Debscurve, Mishy2009, and comofaz for the photos.***


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