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Four Fun Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids to Help With

Enjoy This Special Day: Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

valentine's day crafts for kids
When you think about Valentine’s day, you’d probably conjure up images of red roses, chocolates, and expensive cards. Not so? But, this day exists for couples all over the world in various stages of their lives; including those who have children.

Children enjoy being involved in special days, so why not include them in your day of love by letting them help you make beautiful and memorable homemade gifts for your partner to celebrate this romantic occasion? Below are four ideas for Valentine’s day crafts for kids to help with.


Gift Baskets and Gift Boxes:  Easy Homemade Gift Idea

homemade gift idea1- Everyone enjoys receiving gift baskets. They’re eye-catching, and can be beautiful as well as practical. These baskets can be made to order, but they usually work out to be quite expensive. Why not create something more personalized at home for the one you love? After all, you know what your partner likes and what he/she doesn’t like. All you need to do is buy a base – this can be a basket, a tray or a wooden crate; some cellophane to wrap the base in, tissue paper, straw or crumpled paper to line the base with, ribbon to tie it all together, and a couple of well chosen goodies or treats to put inside. Your child can help you choose the items to go inside the basket, as well as by putting everything together.

2 –A similar homemade gift idea to the basket is a gift box. Only, instead of being able to see the gift items through the cellophane, they’ll be hidden inside the box. You can either buy a ready-made wooden or cardboard plain box, and decorate it with wrapping paper, printed images, paint, or designs; or you can make your own box using a template and sturdy cardboard. Let your child help you pick out the tissue paper for inside the box, the ribbon, and what to put inside. They can even help you paint the box, or paste cut-out images on the outside of the box.


Kiddie Kitchen Arts: Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

3- If your children enjoy baking or painting, making salt dough heart-shaped necklaces is something fun that you can do together. All you need is a cup of salt, two cups of flour, and a cup of water. Mix this together, flatten it out with a rolling pin, and using heart-shaped cookie cutters, cut out the hearts. Add a hole to the top and place these in the oven to bake for 1 – 2 hours at 200 degrees. Once cooled, you can paint them with watercolour paints or acrylic paint. Spray with a glossy acrylic sealer to make them shine, and finish off with a colourful ribbon pulled through the hole of each heart. You can also use the hearts to make fridge magnets by simply gluing a small magnet to the back of each heart.


Treats for Your Sweet – Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

valentine's day crafts for kids4- Paper cones are another fun project which can be used in a wide variety of ways. These cones are made up of thin cardboard (you can decide on the design from a local paper store), thin ribbon or wire, decorations, and fillings for the inside. Simply roll a square piece of cardboard from one side to the other into a cone shape and stick the side down with clear tape on the inside. Let your child help with choosing your partner’s favorite sweets, or small items that can fit inside the cone and fill it almost to the top. Then, fold over the flap. Make sure that you’ve punched a small hole at the top of the cone and on the cone’s flap. Thread the ribbon or wire through both holes, and finish it off with a small tag and decorations.

Children love getting creative, especially when it involves hearts and colorful designs. Any of these easy Valentine’s day crafts for kids are sure to give your little one hours of fun time – helping you out at the same time.

If you are interested in further Valentines Day Crafts for Kids or Adults you may like our previous post about Handmade Jewellery.


***Photo thanks to judy_jowers, Hannah Loves Cake, By The Perfect Pair***


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  • 3. To make the teeth cut white paper into one inch strips. Cut notches down one side of the strip of paper for the teeth. Glue the other side to the inside of the tissue box around the opening.

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