Spring Time Crafts

Four Simple Craft Ideas for the Home

 Spring is coming and its time for those Simple Craft Ideas

Simple Craft Ideas

Spring is nearly upon us.

Simple Spring Crafts are all about getting organized around the house, and simplifying things. Below are four simple craft ideas that you can make and incorporate into your home. These ideas are designed to provide efficiency around the house with very little effort. They are the perfect simple spring crafts for around the house.

  • One Simple craft ideas is have you ever thought about making a calendar yourself?  You don’t have to make a separate sheet for each new month. Instead, you can put together your very own DIY eraser calendar. All you need is a piece of sturdy white cardboard, some self adhesive clear plastic, a permanent marker, watercolor markers, and thin dividing tape. All of this can be bought at any stationery store. Carefully line the plastic over the cardboard, tuck behind the edges and smooth. Measure blocks in equal length and width by the number of days or weeks and place the tape borders down. Make sure to leave room at the top for headings – these are written in permanent markers, while everything else can be written, erased, and rewritten using watercolor markers.

One Simple Spring Crafts idea now winter is over

  • Do you have any hankies lying around at home that you never use, or have been given to you as a gift? Perhaps you have a few new frilly or decorative hankies you’ve kept hidden in the back of your cupboard. You can easily turn these into a colorful and attractive table runner. Simply measure the length of the table to determine how many hankies you’ll need (don’t forget about the overlay). Then, sew the sides of two hankies together, pattern side down, and attach the other hankies one by one in the same manner until you have a row of hankies shaped as a table overlay.
  • Everyone needs coasters and these make fantastic gifts. They’re also a lot cheaper to make compared to buying them in stores. Spring Craft IdeasYou can find inexpensive offcuts to tiles at your local hardware or tile store. You’ll also need any type of design paper, mod podge (a glue and varnish in one), clear acrylic spray, and a few felt pads for the bottom. Clean and dry the tiles, and cut the paper to fit on top of each tile. Spread a thin layer of mod podge on top of each tile and add a piece of paper, smoothing out all bubbles and leave to try for 15 minutes. Add two more layers and allow to dry. Once dried, spray each tile with the acrylic spray in a well ventilated area. Finish off the coasters by adding four felt pads – one in each corner – underneath each tile.
  • Create a simple pocket board by using an inexpensive or unused frame. Take out the glass and measure a piece of cardboard to the size of the inside of the frame. Measure the amount of pockets you are able to add to the cardboard and cut separate pieces of cardboard out, keeping the length the same as the main piece of cardboard. Glue a thick piece of ribbon on top of each pocket cardboard piece, and glue the pockets down one by one. When you’re finished, glue the main cardboard piece to the frame using hot glue. This makes a fantastic organizer for the home to help you keep track of bills, letters, events, etc. It can also be used to keep sachets of garden seeds, or brochures.

Simple crafts ideas for the home are about creating organized spaces and creating a sense of harmony within your home. These crafts can be made during any season, and especially right before spring time, or during the annual spring cleaning ritual.

If you are looking for crafts ideas, you may find our post on decorative crafts helpful in creating beautiful handmade crafts for your home.

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