How to Craft on a Budget?

Art and Crafts is a fun filled creative hobby. However, nowadays crafting supplies are expensive and even if interested we try to divert the funds to more important essential stuff. If you are still wondering how to craft on a budget, there are various options available. You can express your creativity without burning a hole in your pocket. Here are a few tips on how to craft on a budget:

Most of us have a stash of ribbons in different sizes and shapes at home. Use a bit of creativity and overlap these strips of ribbons to form a pattern of a rose. Glue the edges and you have flowers of all sizes and colors. Use them on cards, envelopes, plain lamp shades and see the transformation! The ribbons with a bit of lace can also be used as trimmings for making tiny purses or sachets of potpourri. Border your cushion covers with them and they will surely get you compliments. Also use them in alternate colors over a plain flower vase to transform into a rainbow vase.

"how to craft on a budget"Invest in different colored glitter as they come in handy for all sorts of crafts. If you want to make a personalized gift with a picture, look around your home to see if you have any photo frames lying around. Else just pick up a plain, inexpensive one. Make 2 or 3 borders with glue and pour different colored glitter on them and dust of the excess. Stick buttons from the sewing kit and different colored fruit loops (make sure to coat them with transparent nail paint and allow it to dry, before using) on the glitter border and be amazed at the brand new frame.

For garden lovers and to encourage the same among little ones’ buy seeds of different plants and vegetables. They are not expensive and many even mail them to you, free of cost online. Using bright colored old greeting card covers make small envelopes and fill with seeds. Paste painted dry herb sticks and twigs with gold paint on these seed pouches for decoration and fasten with a twine.

Ever thought of making your own jewelry and converting it into a crafting hobby? So, how to craft this on a budget would be your next query. Nowadays online stores sell gemstones, metal links, metal & stone beads, wires etc at very low prices. Check out patterns in magazines or the internet and soon enough you will be making your own bracelet! Happy crafting!

If you are looking cheap craft ideas, why not start with a handmade crystal jewelry?  Click on our previous post for some handmade crystal jewelry tips.


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