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Easter Craft for Toddlers to Keep Them Busy

easter craft for toddlersAs any parent or teacher at a child care centre can tell you keeping kids focused on any project can be quite a feat because of their short attention span. Planning ahead for an activity that will keep them on their feet but being focused is one of your best bets. At this time of year you may want to consider looking for Easter crafts for toddlers that will hold their attention and pass the time.

Finding free Easter crafts for kids isn’t as difficult as it may seem because there is an abundance of websites and articles dedicated to these kinds of craft projects. The challenge is in sorting through the good and bad to find out what really works and what doesn’t. You will also need to keep in mind the materials you will use and the number of kids involved with a mind on how big you would like this to be.

Fun and Creative Ideas: Easter Craft for Toddlers

One idea that works is to look for Easter crafts for toddlers with a touch of spring theme (or autumn if you’re in the southern hemisphere). Since Easter is also often associated with spring or vice versa you can probably have spring-themed crafts as well as any number of free Easter crafts for kids.

  • easter craft for toddlersPaper flowers – All you need for this example of Easter crafts for toddlers are some different colored construction paper, scissors, and glue. Cut out petal shapes from the construction paper, and let the kids glue them together to make a paper flower. For the stem cut a long strip that is similar to a flower stem. Also cut leaf shapes from green construction paper. Don’t forget adding other colours to the finished product either via paint or texture.
  • Paint your own flower pot – Combining art with science have the children paint their own flower pots and let them plant seeds on them. Watch and document along with building other activities as they witness how a plant or flower grows as days go by. (especially great way to look at springtime changes).
  • Butterfly wand – You only need butterfly cut-outs, paddlepop sticks, crayons, and glue for this simple and easy free Easter crafts for kids. Give the kids the butterfly cut-outs and have them draw different designs and patterns. When finished, let them glue it on the popsicle stick to create a butterfly wand.If you want to stick to an Easter-themed arts and crafts try bunnies and eggs instead of butterfly and paper flowers. You can also add to the simple cut and glue crafts to the more complicated ones like paint and mould or paper mache.

No Money Spent With These Free Easter Crafts

A few examples of Easter-themed Easter crafts for toddlers are listed below.

easter craft for toddlers

  • Paper Plate Bunny Basket – A simple craft perfect for toddlers. Begin by folding the paper plate into half and staple the sides. Be sure not to fasten the upper side. Cut out rabbit ears from white and pink construction paper and glue them on both sides of the paper plate. Cut a strip from a pink sturdy paper to be used as the handle. After that, put eyes on both sides using a black marker and glue a white pompom to serve as a tail. Put some chocolates and other goodies inside to add more excitement to this Easter crafts for toddlers. (probably easiest for teachers to get some chocolates donated by parents to keep the costs down on this one).
  • Cottony Easter Bunny – Cotton balls, glue, and paper are all you need for this. Draw a bunny outline on paper and let the kids decorate by glueing the cotton balls on. After that, draw eyes and any other details they may choose on these bunnies.
  • Dried Flowers Easter Cards – If you don’t want to try crafts that are related to bunnies and eggs, you can try making dried flower Easter cards. Choose delicate flowers that are easier to wilt, like clover and daisies. Press these leaves at least a week away from the actual day of the activity. Let the kids choose from a variety of different colored paper. Fold it so it will look like a card and let the kids glue the dried flowers. Once done, let them write a message inside the card.

Alternatives to Easter Craft for Toddlers

I try to avoid religious tones for the above Easter crafts for toddlers but you can also substitute many of the above ideas for a religious craft, such as crosses. Plan ahead, let your imagination fly and get creative with these ideas and others to keep the little ones happy.

***Thanks to campbelj45ca, AL Gator, lornas_mommy for the photos***

To keep your toddler happy and busy all throughout this year, here are some back to school craft ideas that your child will surely enjoy.


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