Knitting Stitches

Knitting is both fun and enjoyable. And, of course useful too! It can be a stress buster while giving immense joy on seeing what you have created. Knowing the art of knitting stitches to make a cardigan or a pair of booties is not too difficult. This statement has been further explained in this article.

Each and every garment that’s knitted is done using two basic stitches which are the knit stitch and the purl stitch. For starters or a novice, you need to know how to cast on (i.e. start) and how to cast off (i.e. end). These are the basics. All the patterns, textures and garments you create are a variation of these. Ideally, a person beginning to learn should start with plastic knitting needles and a medium weight yarn, at least till a good level of accuracy or evenness is achieved.

In knitting stitches basically there are a series of loops or stitches of yarn interlocking to form a fabric. Two knitting needles are usually required for flat work, and three or more if it’s a circular pattern. By using just the knit and purl stitches you can create hundreds of designs and patterns. All knitting use stitch patterns. With Knits and purls we have patterns like the basket weave, diamond pattern, moss stitch, rice stitch, and chevron and so on. The reversible stitch enable us to use the garment inside out as well as the pattern is formed on both sides.

For making designs in your knit wear, you need to first select the design. It could be flowers, animals or a festive theme. If you are planning to make a pillow case, tulips will look really nice. Use the different shades of the tulip and you will need 40 stitches for this with 63 rows for an average pillow cover. With Christmas and Halloween coming up, you can knit a carved pumpkin on kids’ sweaters. Using 38 stitches and 45 rows you can make it in the centre or use it for hats. Bookmarks are easy to make. Use any metallic colored yarn. One skein of yarn could make up to 4 bookmarks.

"knitting stitches"

For a woman with medium shoe size you can make a pair of colorful socks using 20 stitches and 28 rows. Or using thick wool you can make slipper socks with 14 stitches. To make a nice skirt or swimsuit for dolls with sizes that of the Barbie doll, using size 3USneedles there are various knitting patterns available.

So, go ahead and have fun knitting!  But first things first, is your knitting needle size correct?  Here are tips on how to find the correct knitting needle sizes to make this hobby easier for you.


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