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How to Make a Candle at Home: Making it Easy for You


how to make candles at homeVotive, decorative, scented, or tea lights – are just some of the different kinds of candles available today. The candle has come a long way from being a source of light to something that can accentuate your house, create a pleasant smelling aroma or set the scene for a quiet dinner. If you are interested learning how to make a candle at home instead of buying one, here are a few tips to get you on the move.


Steps on How to Make a Candle at Home


  • Temperature is very important.

When you start to make a candle, two of the most important things you need are a thermometer and the double boiler. It’s probably best not to attempt to make a candle at home with these two things missing or you are putting yourself at risk. For one, candle has a flash point. Depending on the type of wax you are using, the flash point is between 290 and 380 degree. If you’re using soybean wax, 165 degrees is the perfect temperature to pour your solution. Experienced candle makers warn newcomers to the craft not to melt wax without any form of temperature control.

Your next fairly important tool when you make a candle is the double boiler. There are other methods you can use to melt wax but the double boiler is the safest bet, especially if you will melt the wax on your stove top.

  • Get the moulds ready.

how to make candles at homeNo matter what type of candle you are making, make sure that the moulds you  use can withstand extreme heat, especially burning wax. If you are making container candles, use thick jars or glass with a thick base. For other types of candles, aluminium moulds are the safest bet when you start learning how to make a candle at home. Less risk to you and the home.

As an alternative you can also attach the wick by gluing it on a wick holder and place it at the bottom of the mould. Tie the other end of the wick to a Popsicle stick to keep the wick from falling. Another good tip is to also spray some mould release inside your moulds when you make a candle. It will easily release the candle from the mould when the wax cools down.


Learning the Right Way:  How to Make a Candle at Home


  • Melting the candle.

Melting your wax is your first step when you make a candle at home. Wax is properly melted when it looks like water, a process which usually takes between 1 and 2 hours. Occasionally stir the solution to ensure consistency – this will also help speed up the process. During this process, you can add color and scent to your candles to improve the end result.

For the color, you can generally use any type of coloring and follow the instructions indicated on the packet. Bear in mind that the color of the wax will appear darker when in liquid form, but lighter when it cools down.

For scenting when you make a candle, you can use any essential oils or fragrance. Just make sure if the oil or fragrance is compatible with the type of wax you are using. Another tip when you start learning how to make a candle at home, soybean wax and paraffin don’t sit well with fragrances. A craft store or craft book could be your best resource here to find fragrances and waxes which work well together.

  • Pouring your wax.

how to make candles at homeDepending on the type of wax you’re using, try to time your pouring to match a temperature of 175 degrees. For soybean wax however the ideal temperature is 165 degrees. Take extra caution when pouring the wax into your moulds or jars. Never touch the side of the moulds or jars after pouring the solution as its very likely you will burn yourself. Extra caution is needed when you begin to make a candle at home to protect you, your home and the family.


  • Cooling down

The cooling process usually takes a complete six hours depending on your ambient temperature and season. Once it cools down to the touch, you can take the candles from the moulds.

One opinion claims that when you make a candle, putting it in a freezer for two hours during the cooling makes it a longer lasting candle.

***Thanks to: Stokeparker, oh_gosh and FlexibleMolds for the photos***


If you’re just starting with the art of candle making, you can click on our previous post to know the basic information on making candles.



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