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You have a wide variety of choices when it comes to materials for making handmade gemstone jewelry. You’ll find that you have a huge selection of beads with colors ranging from black, to clear to every other color you can imagine.

These gemstones vary in the sizes,  shapes, and the feel of the beads. They can be either precious or semi-precious stone. The difference between precious or semi-precious stone is the quality of the stones.  Precious stones are also more expensive than semi-precious stones. Diamonds, emeralds and rubies are a few examples of precious stones. Topaz, garnets and opals are examples of semi-precious stones.

To get an idea of what design to create spread your gemstones on the table.  One of the great things in creating your own jewelry is that you can create whatever you want to do – there are no limitations to creating your own piece!  You can add you personality and character to your design.

You need to measure how much chain or wiring you’ll need to make the jewelry.  Do you need a stronger chain or wiring for your gemstones? It’s easy to find the chain or wiring that suits your needs.

Once you get an idea what you want your handmade gemstone jewelry to look like, you can begin by putting on the crimp bead or clasp – whichever one you’re working with. The next step is to begin adding the gemstones.
If you plan to put the jewelry on sale or give it as a gift, make sure your spacer beads are higher quality materials. Spacer beads, aside from gems, make for nice gifts, or even as a piece of your everyday wear.

The next step is to add the gems and unless you plan to make an entire piece with the same stones, alternate them with whatever other materials you’re using. If you plan to have one large gemstone as your focal gem, you’ll have to work from both sides of the jewelry to make sure there’s equal number of beads on either side of the gem. Once you have all the pieces put together, finish it off with another crimp bead or clasp.

While necklaces and bracelets are very popular handmade gemstone jewelries, don’t forget that you can also make watches too. You can find watch faces sold separately; and  you can add beads with connector rings for dozens of different design ideas.

One technique that jewelry makers enjoy doing is taking semi precious or precious stones and wrapping a part of those stone with a very fine sterling silver wire. This technique takes a bit of practice but once you learn it, you’ll have some showstoppers jewelry collections.

If you are thinking of selling your handmade jewelry, you can find some tips here.


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