Scrapbooking to Give as Gifts

Easy crafts to do at homeScrapbooking is now a very popular hobby, especially if you are one of those who love to creatively display favorite pictures. If everyone is already praising you as a scrapbooking genius, you might want to create a scrapbook for others as well, to give as a gift for those who don’t have the talent or the time to make beautiful keepsakes like you do!

It’s easy to shop online or mosey into a local store and pick up a present for someone you love.  But a personalized gift means you’ve put your heart into it – and it will be far more treasured than a store-bought gift would be.

Scrapbooking: Gift Idea for Loved Ones

Is someone you know having an anniversary?  The first year of marriage is the paper anniversary – an ideal time to deliver a scrapbook of memories to a bride and groom just starting their lives together.

Older couples also enjoy scrapbook keepsakes to look back on the many years they’ve spent together.  Put together a scrapbook that shows several of the couple’s happiest moments together, but add some blank pages so that each of them can add their own memories to the scrapbook from their own perspective.

Milestone birthdays are another perfect opportunity to give a scrapbook as a gift.  Someone turning 40 would enjoy an “Over-the-Hill” scrapbook that shows their lives up to that point – provided they have a good sense of humor, of course.

Someone who’s retiring might also love a scrapbook that offers a look back at the time spent with their company.  To many, their working family is an integral part of their lives, and having a scrapbook to look back on and remember the people and places they value would be a gift they’d treasure for years.

Your themed pages could include ladder climbing, showing their progress as they were promoted up in the ranks.  Add a few blank pages to include pictures and mementos (as well as notes) about the retirement party itself.

Scrapbooks are great gifts to give someone for holidays or everyday occasions.  They’re easy and fun to make and show you put a lot of thought into the gift.  Scrapbooks that have photos of the past bring an overwhelming amount of happy memories they can relive and enjoy all over again.

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