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Six Ideas for Easy Crafts to Do at Home

How to Make Your Own Easy Crafts to do at Home

Easy crafts to do at homeMaking your own Home craft ideas are becoming more and more popular today. Not only are their lots of easy crafts to do at home but their generally quite cost effective. Why go to the store and spend a fortune on fancy gifts and crafts when you can do these yourself at home? Home craft ideas are especially great if you’re looking at unleashing some creativity, or if you’d like to do something together as a family and get the kids involved. Below are six easy crafts to do at home.


Easy Crafts to do at Home: Ideas for Gift Jars

Home Craft ideas1 – Gift jars make fantastic gifts and can be easily made using leftover condiment or large sauce jars that have been cleaned. You can fill these up with a number of different items, such as shells for the bathroom, homemade sweets, potpourri that you can make yourself with dried citrus, marbles, etc. You can get creative by adding a piece of material on top, or leaving it plain, and tying a piece of ribbon, string, or raffia around the lid.

2 – Another fun project to use glass jars for is to make painted jars, more specifically – Moroccan styled lanterns. Start by cleaning and drying the jars out. Then apply gold dimensional paint onto the jar in various patterns and designs. Leave this to dry and then paint the inside of the glass sides with glass paint in shades of blue, pink, yellow or green. Once dry, add a piece of fine-gauge wire around the top of each jar for hanging. With the final touch of a candle, these once boring glass jars are now exquisite Moroccan styled gift jars; the perfect present for any occasion.

Homemade Cards – Easy Crafts to do at Home

Easy crafts to do at home
3 – One of the best and easiest crafts to make at home are cards. Nothing is better than receiving a homemade card. You can let your imagination run wild here, by using pressed flowers, stencils, designs, different types of fancy paper in a wide variety of colours, foliage, gold leaf, ribbons, embellishments, and various artistic techniques to create the perfect personalised card fit for any occasion. Try browsing Pinterest to get more of an idea of different themes and designs to use in your card(s).

4 – Bookmarks are another one of those easy crafts to do at home for yourself, or give as a gift to someone else. Using cardboard, you can create colourful designs. You can also print or cut out images and paste them together as a mini collage. For something a little fancier, buy a piece of thick ribbon, and ribbon clamps. Using flat-nose jewellery pliers, affix the clamps to both ends of the ribbon. On one end, you can add beads, a small ornament, trinket or a charm. Bookmarks can also be personalised with the person’s name who is receiving the gift, or your own name.

5 – One more fun idea that you can use glass (or plastic jars) at home for, is to make cake or bread jars. Simply clean out a jar and leave it to dry, and find a recipe for a good quality cake, cupcakes, or bread. Layer the correct amount of dry ingredients attractively in the jar. For example, the bottom layer could be flour, on top of that you could add a layer of cocoa powder, then choc chips, brown sugar, etc. You can add a handwritten label or sticker onto the jar, and tie it together with a stylish piece of ribbon or raffia.

Home craft ideas to save

6 – You don’t need to spend money buying extravagant gift bags, when you can make these yourself at home. Using ordinary gift wrap for smaller gift bags, and heavier gift wrap for larger bags, you only need to determine the size of your gift in order to cut, fold and glue the sides together. Punch two holes in either side at the top, and loop ribbon, raffia, or string through the holes for handles.

There are so many easy and fun crafts that you can make at home. All it takes is a little imagination, an uncluttered desktop, and some creativity. If you would like some more creative ideas here is one of our older articles on Decorative & Creative crafts


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