Some Things to Make Before Heading to the Rubbish Bin

The next time you are throwing something which is as small as your coke can into the bin, or the well worn quilts, just stop and give it a thought. Could they probably have other uses? Well, yes! Let’s see what good use you could make of some things before heading to the rubbish bin.

We all have empty coke cans at home. One of the simplest reuse options is to convert them into pencils or crayon holders. For making this you need to first even out the dents from the inside out, cover with some left over attractive wrapping paper, beads, strings of wool, or some straw to make a cartoon character of your choice. And, the holder is ready to use.

"sock puppet"Old socks, sweaters, quilt also head to the bin once not in use. Use your creativity and get someone to cut out shapes from your old t-shirt and stitch all the ends except one. Now, stuff this with pieces of old quilt to come up with stuff toys or brand new throw cushions. You can use the socks to create hand or finger puppets.

You have got a mail! On an average every house receives up to ten envelopes a day. We tend to throw the envelopes. So, here is something very simple to make before heading to the rubbish bin. Turn the envelopes inside out and cut to equal same sized squares or circles. Punch holes and tie them all together with a nice bright twine or ribbon. The first and last page could be decorated with sequence or glitter. Hang it near the phone with a pen to make a colourful note pad.

Ever wondered if retired flip flops could be reused? Well, how about cutting them to use as fishing floats? You can also use them as a cushion for the legs of chairs or tables so that you can prevent them from scratching the floors.

All of us have seen our moms throwing the empty egg cartons into the recycle bin. Mr Catterpillar or Ms Lolly the lobster could be the outcome of painting and gluing the empty individual cut out egg carton compartments.

Used tooth paste tubes can be cut at both ends, washed, cleaned and stapled together to form a rectangular mat in the size of a door mat. Color and decorate it by using your imagination and make a wonderful wall hanging or a door sign for your room. Punch a hole to tie a string for hanging where ever you want.

So, while we saw some things to make before heading to the Rubbish Bin, hope you enjoy making them as much as I enjoyed putting them together.

Are you looking into scrapbooking as well?  Hope my previous post on how to turn your scrapbooking hobby into a business helps you.


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