The Beautiful Floral Arrangements

Nothing attracts the attention of people like flowers do. Flowers have always been used to decorate homes by their color and fragrance. They give a calming and peaceful feel to the people. They are arranged and organized in different forms to create the beautiful decoration pieces to be placed inside the homes and offices, at parties and weddings, etc. Hotels are the biggest users of the flower arrangements as decoration pieces. They use different kinds of the flower arrangements of varying shapes and sizes, at diverse locations throughout the hotel.

Different Styles:

Floral arrangements come in different shapes and sizes, ranging from the big ones to be used in the lobby to small ones used as a centre piece of a buffet table. They can be arranged in different ways, depending where it has to be placed. A vertical arrangement is made up of flowers having long stems and can be used to decorate an empty vase in a corner. A triangular arrangement makes a beautiful corner piece where as a horizontal arrangement, having a main flower at the centre and drooping side branches makes a centre piece to a console. Similarly, there are many other shapes to arranging the flowers. All you need is creativity and an aesthetic to match it.

The Basics:

To make an arrangement, you have three basic types of flowers which are the Mass flowers, the Filler flowers and the Line flowers. The Mass flowers are the main focus of arrangement and attract the attention of the viewers. They are usually big and round in shape and are on a single stem. The line flowers are usually long flowers. They set the shape and height of the arrangement. The filler flowers, as the name proposes, are used to fill up the places between the line flowers and the mass flowers. The fillers are a clutter of flowers on a single stem and give the arrangement a filled look.

Making the Arrangement:

"flower arrangements"

While making the arrangement, you need to remember a few simple things. After you’ve decided on the holder for your arrangement, and fixed the pre-soaked foam in it, you start inserting your flowers. The first ones to be added are they mass flowers. They are usually short stemmed. Then, you proceed with the fillers to add volume to your arrangement and make sure that you have not missed any place in between. After being done with all of that, you can start adding the line flowers to your arrangement to define its shape.

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