The ultimate tips for selling jewelry online

Knowing where to sell homemade jewelry is the key to your success as an entrepreneur. In fact, a lack of market savvy is one of the causes that many businesses end up failing. Do a market survey first to learn who the customers are that want or need your product.

Business sense can take your products a lot farther than you can imagine. Don’t just think like someone needing to sell a product, but learn to think like someone who needs a product to sell.

That’s where your success is going to come from. A high end shop in the heart of San Francisco that caters to an older clientele isn’t going to need plastic surfer bracelets for children. The odds of getting your surfer product in there would be pretty slim. But local shops are one of the best places for jewelry artists to place their jewelry.

Before you contact the shop owner or manager, do your homework about the shop. Look up when the shop was first established, what type of products they carry, what their average prices are and what are the types of people who shop there.

Shops are only one small slice of the pie for places to sell handmade jewelry. You can also get your jewelry showcased in art galleries. Always be respectful of their time and treat them professionally from the start because even if you get a no, the first time that doesn’t mean you won’t get a yes in the future.

Never burn a potential bridge with a business contact. Don’t show up at the shop or gallery unannounced and hover while they’re busy taking care of clientele. Call ahead and schedule a meeting so that you can show off your product. Remember when you do this that presentation is everything. Bring your jewelry to show in the nicest display you can afford.

Don’t start taking your product around to shops if you only have a few pieces. You must be ready for a yes, so make sure your inventory is well stocked. Besides local shops and art galleries, you can also sell your jewelry at gift shops, especially those that cater to tourists.

One of the best places to sell handmade jewelry that offers a lot of customer traffic is at a kiosk in a mall. There are also trade shows that you can travel to both in and near your state. Look up jewelry making trade shows to find which ones are closest to you.

Also, don’t forget consignment or craft stores. When you’re selling jewelry, don’t put all your gems in one basket. Place pieces at more than one shop and then work to get the word out about your business. Selling is 10% creativity and 90 % marketing.


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