Types of Quilting Kits

Quilting is an artistic method of sewing which is used to join two, three of more layers to form a thicker material. All these base materials are joined together by using a needle and a thread. Hence, a process of making a thick padded material by joining two, three or more layers of materials using a needle and a thread is known as quilting and the final product is known as a quilt. The artist who makes a quilt is known as a quilter. There are various methods available to make a quilt:

  • By hand
  • Sewing machine
  • Special quilting system

"jigsaw puzzle quilt kit"Typical quilt is made using three layers of base material which are the top fabric, an insulating material and a backing fabric.  The needle and the thread are passed through all the three layers used by quilter’s hand or the sewing machine. The process is repeated till a desired design is obtained. Quilting can be done to make wall hangings, bed spreads, designer clothes and so many other products. Quilt stores offer a variety of products for quilting. They sell fabric, patterns, thread, quilting kits and other material required in the process of quilting.

These days there are different kinds of quilting kits available in the market that provide all that is required to create a quilt. A quilting kit consists of fabric, thread, needle and other required items. These kits are available to produce quilts of various patterns and these are reviewed to ensure that the design is clear, complete and accurate. These days quilt kits can be bought online as well.  Selection can be made by looking at the design, the fabric, texture and color as per your specifications. Few of the quilt kits available are:

  • Jigsaw Puzzle Quilt Kit: This is made out of “H” shaped quilt block. In the jigsaw puzzle design, the puzzle pieces are emerged by flipping the blocks. Its one of the famous pattern available and the kit is one of the best selling quilt kits.  The needle that is provided in the kit is perfect to product jigsaw pattern. The fabric available in the kit will be of various colors to bring out an amazing colorful designer pattern.
  • Hatchet Rag Quilt kit: This kit contains the fabric and the pattern to create an Indian Hatchet Quilt. The fabric is available in two or three colors.

You can select any of these quilt kits available in the stores or book them online and embellish your house with these stylish and colorful designer quilts.

Are you also interested in knitting?  Here are some knitting instructions for beginners.


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