Types of Scarf Knitting Patterns

The art by which thread or yarn is turned into a cloth or a fine material is known as Knitting. Knitting is performed by creating consecutive rows of loops wherein a loop is pulled through an existing loop. Creating loops by passing thread from an existing loop leads to a knitted fabric. Knitting can be used to make lot of designer things like scarves, sweaters and other clothes. Beautiful scarves can be knitted using homespun yarn which can be used in winters to protect from the chilly weather, but in a classy way.

There is an interesting history around the ‘traditional scarf’. The way it was knitted had its own significance and a reason attached to it. Even now if you pick up scarves from different parts of the world, the way it is knitted will be completely different and would definitely have a story behind its uniqueness. You can return to ancient Rome for its origin and use of scarf. Roman soldiers used to wear it in desert for cleanliness. Knitted scarves are used by worshipers in many religions. These are also used by sportsmen especially in countries like Britain and Australia. The football players in these countries wear colorful knitted scarves which are admired by their fans.

There are various scarf knitting patterns available.  Few of the wonderful patterns are:

  1. Spontaneous scarf knitting pattern: This artistic pattern makes use of different pieces of yarn to create a colorful scarf. The different colors used add to the beauty of the knitted fabric. This pattern can be used with different homespun yarn, wool yarn and dyed yarn to create a variety of scarves.
  2. Morning scarf pattern: The morning scarf pattern consists of a simple lace like structure which looks fantastic with any color scheme. Creativity around this pattern can be shown with any kind of yarn like homespun, dyed or any other material.
  3. Ribbed Scarf: Its one of the basic patterns often used by beginners to practice two styles of stitch which is the knit and purl. In this pattern, ribbing is performed to bind the stitch and it is woven in the end. As the scarf takes it length, the pattern can be seen. You can add fringe to add beauty to the basic design of the scarf.
"scarf knitting patterns"

There are million other scarf knitting patterns and you can try your own pattern to create one. All that is required is a few basic concepts around knitting and then you can use your artistic brain to create wonders.

Before you go into more complicated knitting patterns, here are some basic knitting stitches that you can learn.


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