Various Types of Weaving

Weaving is a process of making cloth. The art of weaving involves using of threads and crossing two threads over and under one another to create a new creation. There are different patterns of weaving that can be used to create a cloth. Weaving involves two types of threads, a weft and a warp.

There are three different types of weaves that are used. Plain weave, satin weave and twill weave.

A plain weave is the simplest kind of weave that is most commonly used in creating any type of cloth. A twill weave is the kind of weave that is used to create sturdy and lasting fabrics like jeans and is a diagonal pattern, whereas the satin weave is used to make a luxurious looking smooth cloth. Almost everything around us which is made of cloth is woven. The clothes we wear are also made by weaving it first into a cloth. It is a great way to bring out the creativity. Weaving requires special machinery that would allow you to weave the cloth. The machinery has been upgraded and now there are better machineries available to weave.

Table cloths, bed sheets, place mats, different materials and all such things involve weaving. Scarves and other such beautiful items are created with the art of weaving. Weaving is done on loom. Weaving has its own therapeutic advantages and can help one relax while indulging in the art. You can create your own loom with the help of a cardboard and create your own weave sitting at home. You can use cardboard, and make markings on the cardboard every few small inches and then make small cuts along the lines and then wrap around these the thread that you are using to create your fabric from.

It can be quite time consuming, but is still a very relaxing process. The art of creating fabric out from scratch itself is an awesome process and you would love creating different patterns every now and then. Make scarves, woolen items and lampshades and many other such creative and innovative things even for your home. This is also a great way to make a little bit of income. You can get creative with patterns, colors, designs and styles and create beautiful designs. The best thing to weave is a rug which is easier when compared to regular fabric weaving. Make use of different patterns of weaving creating unique designs and fabrics.

Aside from weaving, you can also try your hand at knitting.  Here is our previous post on various types of knitting patterns that might grab your interest.


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