Welcome To Craft Shed

Welcome to Craft Shed and we can not wait to share all our times and stories with you – our readers.

I remember the first time I got involved in crafts, I was about the same age my son is now (nine going on twenty five) and I loved it. My maternal grandparents were very poor and they used to make some amazing things and gifts for family and friends or for accessories for their home. I found it absolutely facinating.

My Grandad whom I adored and still do (even though he passed away many years ago) even made my mum the most amazing rocking horse for christmas when she was young. It is in my aunts house now and looks like it belongs in some amazing antiques shop. And her friends at the time were jealous even though they had being spoilt with a big mix of gifts.

This is when my love started – the idea that we can make such amazing things from our recycle products or even from a bit of wool. We can bring our cushions back to life with a new cover or make our very own patchwork quilt.

I always had a soft spot for the patch work quilt after being little and watching “Little House On The Prairie” and the beautiful patch work quilts that they used to make in the old days.

Since then my passion for crafts has grown steadily over the years and it isn’t until recently that it has become fashionable. Now especially when you are on holiday you see all sorts of crafts being used. Whether this is making a homemade dress or a beach bag for your day trip to the beach.

Not to mention television programmes such as “Kirsty’s Home Made Home” showing you how easy it is to make these home made crafts.

So, sit back and relax as I show you how to make crafts at the Craft Shed.


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Welcome To Craft Shed

Welcome to Craft Shed and we can not wait to share all our times and stories with you – our readers. ...